5 year Vietnam visa Exemption and things you should know

Getting to Vietnam may make you be complicated because of knotty process and kinds of visa. This article will tell you a detail of 5 year Vietnam visa Exemption which can apply at Embassy or Consulate.

 Way to get 5 year Vietnam visa in India 2019

All kinds of Vietnam visa service fees in India 2019

Before May 2016, visa holders of the 5 year Vietnam visa are required to get an exit stamp every 3 months, after that time this regulations were set at 6 months. This kind of visa is convenient, so all the overseas Vietnamese should note before you get to Vietnam because it’s not available on arrival.

Who can apply 5 year Vietnam visa Exemption?

  • Vietnamese who reside overseas and foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnamese people who reside overseas, or of Vietnamese citizens.
  • Agencies, organizations, and individuals involved.

Some conditions

  • The visa exemption certificate has a validity of up to 5 years and expires at least 6 months before the expiration of the holder’s passport or international travel document
  • For those who enter with visa exemption certificates should have a temporary residence card Vietnam valid for 6 months, granted by the immigration control units, for each entry. If the remaining validity of the visa exemption certificate is less than 6 months, the duration of the Vietnam temporary residence card shall be issued by the remaining validity of the visa exemption certificate.

Fees for granting Vietnam visa exemption certificates

There are more information about the fees, though one recent data point tells us that they will charge a $50 fee to process an expedited visa exemption at the Consulate of Vietnam in San Francisco, so we give you a budget at least $100.

5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption

How to apply for 5 year Vietnam visa exemption in India?

1)  Completed copy of the Visa Exemption Application

2)  Your Passport (still valid for at least 6 months) + 1 copy

3) 2 recent (4 x 6 cm) photos, taken within 6 months and without wearing glasses

4) 1 guarantee form which was filled out by a Vietnamese Citizen vouching for you. You can have your relatives fill out the form and include a copy of his/her Vietnamese Passport.

5) Fees

6) A Self-Addressed/Stamped Envelope

If you are a foreigner who get married to a current or former Vietnamese citizen or the child of one, you also need to include some sort of proof of relation to your Vietnamese spouse/immediate relative. It could be a Vietnamese passport, birth certificate or verification of marriage.

Your waiting time is about 1 week. The 5 Year Visa Exemption is  great if you regularly travel to Vietnam for the purpose of vacation or visiting relatives and you don’t want to apply for Vietnam visa each time.  According to an experience, the only problem is that the certificate states that you can only stay 90 days continuously in the country. A few people will take this opportunity to go visit Vietnam’s neighbor countries such as going to Cambodia via the Moc Bai border crossing to satisfy the 90 day rule. However, there is a way to extend your exemption from within the country.

Application for visa renewal, replacement or modification, length of stay extension (Vietnamese: Don De Nghi Cap, Bo Sung, Sua Doi Thi Thuc, Gia Han Tam Tru)

5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption

When you get to the Immigration office, just walk straight ahead to where the cashier’s are and ask for the mentioned form. Carefully fill out the form and then sign it, you also need to get 2 other signatures before you can turn in the application for an extension. For example, in case you live in relative’s house, you need his/her signature and the signature of the police in the ward where you live; in case you are staying  in a rental property you will most likely need your landlord’s signature

After getting all your required signatures, you should go back to the immigration office and turn in your form. You will need to also hand over your Passport with your application as well.  You have to pay fee for the application and get a receipt that shows the date that you can pick up your Passport. Usually, it will take you about a week to get back your passport with a red and blue stamp approving your extension.

If there is any information when getting 5 year Vietnam visa Exemption, you should contact the Vietnamese Embassy in your respective countries to find out the exact steps you may need to apply for this. The website Vietnam Embassy in India is provided for news and service purpose, so you can find information about getting Vietnam Visa and so on here.

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