Annexure D for passport for Indian citizens

When applying for any visa, especially in India, although the procedure is not difficult but you sometimes are required too much documents. Among many documents, there is a type called Annexure “D” for passport.

What is Annexure D for a passport?

Annexure D for passport and Annexure H are the declarations to be made on plain paper by anyone parent mentioning minor applicant is their child. For a clear meaning, it is a declaration by the parents of a applicant (minor applicant) when you are applying for his/her passport.

For the passport application form of any applicant who is a minor under 18 years of age, requires a consent form to tag along rest of the documents, from the legal caretakers of the applicant. Which are, both parents, either parent (when one is out of the country), either parent in cases of death, divorce, adoption or legal separation or also legal guardian in cases when none of the parent have the custody of the applicant.

Annexure D formulates that the minor applicant is applying for the passport with their consent and they would be solemnly responsible for anything related to that.

annexure d for passport

Beside Annexure D, there are many kinds of passport you need to know, such as:

  • Annexure A: Identity Certificate
  • Annexure C: Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports (one parent not given consent
  • Annexure E: Standard Affidavit
  • Annexure F: Specimen Affidavit for a passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport
  • Annexure G: No Objection Certificate
  • Annexure H: Prior Intimation Letter
  • Annexure I: A Declaration affirming the particulars furnished in the application about the minor

How to make an Affidavit Annexure D for a passport?

To make Annexure D for passport, you should follow steps below:

  1. Fill in all the details required for Annexure D for passport
  2. The drafted affidavit must be printed on a plain white paper.
  3. The parents or the guardians of the minor have to sign at the place specified.

Who should make a passport Annexure D?

The parents or the legal guardian should prepare the Affidavit Annexure H. In case you do not know, Annexure H is a Prior Intimation Letter.

Annexure D for passport

In case of minor’s passport, whose father is in abroad, is it mandatory to obtain father’s consent to apply for the child’s passport? If so, what is the procedure?

If parent(s) of the minor holds a valid passport, then attested photocopy of passport needs to be submitted along with the application form. Spouse name should be endorsed on the parent’s passport. If parent(s) hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they must get the spouse name added in their passport. For this, they have to apply for re-issue of passport and get the specified change done in personal particulars. If one parent is in abroad, Annexure D OR Annexure C can be submitted by other parents (in case Annexure D for passport can not be arranged).

How do I get his/her signature for consent while applying for my child’s passport if your spouse is living in another country?

Consent of the spouse, who is abroad, is required for submitting the application of their child. It should be in the form of Annexure D self attested by the parents.

Are signatures of both parents mandatory on Annexure D for the passport to be submitted along with the application if you want to apply for your child’s passport? What if your spouse is refusing to sign the form?

Yes, the signature of both the parents is mandatory on Annexure D to be submitted along with the application as it signifies that both parents are giving consent for the issuance of passport to the child. Annexure D is the declaration of applicant’s parents or guardian for the issuance of passport to the minor. If either of the parents is not giving consent, then the parent applying for the minor’s passport needs to submit Annexure C.

Annexure D for passport

What are the requirements for passport Annexure D that need to be filled?

The details to be filled in Annexure D for a passport include:

  • The minor’s name, date of birth and place of birth
  • The minor’s parent’s names and address
  • Name of the legal guardian, if any
  • Passports details of parents, if any held
  • Signatures of parents or legal guardians

Please click Annexures D for Indian passport to download the form.

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