Enjoy Vietnamese Food Tour by motorbike

Wanna discover the unique culinary culture and enjoy the best street food? Then visiting Vietnam would be your best decision ever! Coming to this country, you get a chance to taste different kinds of food, especially street food.

You are excited about Vietnamese food and love traveling with your motorcycle? How about making a Vietnamese food tour? You definitely will have a good experience.

Don’t need to worry much about where to eat! These following places to go in Vietnam will not disappoint you.

Top Places With The Best Vietnamese Food 

In fact, there are some motorbike tours that are held to experience Vietnamese street food. You can join them for memorable experiences. Here are some places to go in Vietnam which are considered the heaven of food. Are you ready? Get on the motorbike and start your journey now!

Hai Phong

As a port city of Vietnam, Hai Phong has vast, clean, and beautiful beaches. Because raw materials for cooking are often caught directly from the sea, the seafood here is always fresh. 

Traveling around Hai Phong with your motorbike, you can enjoy some special foods such as Banh Da Cua, Banh Mi Que, Nem Cua Be, Lau Cua Dong, and Com Chay Hai San. Hai Phong dishes will not only feast your eyes on their appearance but also please your taste, especially when you are a seafood lover.


The capital of Vietnam is famous for its very old streets and diverse food. If you want to have a food tour in Hanoi, the easiest way is to go by motorbike.

What makes Hanoi cuisine so special is the impeccable combination of flavors. The food here is a combination of sour, spicy, salty, and sweet tastes. Coming to Hanoi, you should experience the street food. Banh Mi, Pho, Spring rolls, Com Bat Trang, Bun Cha, Ca Phe Nau Da definitely won’t make you disappointed. 

Stalls in Hanoi even offer food specially cooked for motorbike travelers, called Banh Mi Dan To. You can only buy this dish in several places from 6 pm – 3 am.


Known as “the capital of food”, Hue will please almost all food lovers.

Taking a food tour around Hue by motorbike is really a fantastic experience because the best food stalls often take place in the small alleys. Coming inside these alleys, you will feel like you are lost in a world of many delicious foods like Bun Bo Hue, Che Hue, Com Hen, Com Am Phu, Com Chay, and so on.

In Conclusion,

As a food lover, you won’t miss these great places, right? Discovering traditional food is also experiencing the culture of Vietnam. If you still want to know more places to go in Vietnam, we are here to help you. Please join Vietnam Motorcycle Club to receive the best recommendations.

And now, what are you waiting for? Just prepare your motorcycle, fill it up with fuel, and start the food tour in Vietnam right now.

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