Top 3 Enduro Dirt Bikes That We’re All Longing To Ride

There is a wise man saying (actually me!): “A bike can be as unpredictable and whimsical as your exes!”, and you think I’m exaggerating everything? Wait until you end up crying for your mama in a hospital’s ward with blood spilling and some body parts missing like an episode in “the Walking Dead” just because of a piece-of-trash bike!

It seems gross, but things are going to mess up real bad if you leave yourself under the care of an unreliable motorbike. Especially for adventure seekers who take up off-road riding as their cup of tea, a well-maintained, durable, and reliable bike is a matter of life and death.

For that reason, here is the list of 3 Enduro Dirt Bikes that I’ve been trying on over the years, and they’ve helped me save tons of times! Let’s one of them be your best “sidekick” on your next amazing motorbike travel!

Top 3 Enduro Dirt Bikes For Off-road Riding

Suzuki DRZ400

First up on my list of the best Enduro dirt bikes is the classic Suzuki DRZ400. Believe me, this guy is legendary coming back to life! Don’t be fooled by its weather-beaten and old-school look as this bike is the true definition of “handsome is as handsome does.”

The powerful 400cc engine, along with sturdy construction, is able to defeat anything you throw at it! Also, the motorbike’s fierceness and amazing endurance are not only ideal for conquering rugged mountain paths, but it creates a smooth transition from adventure rides to daily transport. So, get ready to feel some admiring eyes on you when driving this dude on the street!

Speaking of suspension, the front brake is in need of some upgrades for optimal safety and performance. But the rear suspension is another story as it aids the bike efficiently in crushing high steeps and bumpy dirt roads under its mighty wheels.

Honda CRF250L

Longing to test your driving skills on those challenging enduro tours in Vietnam? A Honda CRF250L, with its 249cc engine and well-sorted out fuel injection, is likely to be a long-lasting investment that can put a smile on your face for years to come.

Although the CFR weighs up to 320 pounds, the feeling of heaviness will fade away as soon as the wheels start to turn! Unfortunately, that feeling may come back if the bike gets in contact with rough and bumpy surfaces and, consequently, starts juggling from side-to-side. Thus, slow down the speed when it comes to crashing those stubborn obstacles on the way.

One thing that troubles me is the seemingly under-performed rear suspension while discovering new mountain tracks. But rest assured that this motorbike is perfect for riding on lazy country and forest roads at weekends if that’s your thing! Since it’s taken from my experience while trying out this guy, this problem may not happen to other riders.

Here comes the sunshine! The CFR motor brings out a modern touch and a responsive start regardless of the weather. Nothing could be worse than dreaming of taking a stroll with your crush under the dazzling snowy sky but your dear bike refuses to start. Game over!

Honda XR 150

Another dude from Honda brand that makes its name in my list of the best enduro dirt bikes today is Honda XR 150.

I actually drove this motorbike on my trip to the Mekong Delta a few years ago and it worked well beyond my expectations. Overall, the XR 150 comes with a remarkable bike construction, robust engine, bigger wheels, and “muscular” suspension. Don’t be amazed at how this bike can slug its way through the mud without the slightest hesitation.

Thanks to its surprisingly big wheels with 110/90-R17 tires, XR 150 can handle pretty well both on and off-road riding. Thinking bigger wheels can make a fuss while driving in the crowded and cramped spaces of Vietnam’s streets? Actually, the bulkier your bike is, the more space they’ll give you. So let’s not worry about that.

Besides, if you intend to travel along Vietnam with your partner, you can breathe a sigh of relief as this new friend is able to carry two people with comfort and smoothness, even with a mountain of luggage tugged behind!

Journey of Sapa Motorbike Tour towards Northwest Vietnam in 6 days
Journey of Sapa Motorbike Tour towards Northwest Vietnam in 6 days

What To Do On The Hunt For The Best Enduro Dirt Bikes?

Knowing what you are dealing with can help you go a long way towards your dream enduro dirt bikes. Let’s have a look at several crucial factors when shopping for your new BFFs.

Calculate your budget

Don’t bother looking through some motorbike catalogs before coming up with your estimated budget. Apart from the cost of the bike itself, it’s advisable to add an extra sum of money for maintenance and replacement expenses.

Do some research

While on the hunt for your dream motorcycle, it does no harm to conduct some research to get the solid idea of which one works the best for your riding styles, purposes, and budget.

Find the right vendor

Next, comes the most frustrating and time-consuming part – where to hire one of the three “babies” above for your motorbike trip? As you are well-informed, frauds and scams are not uncommon in the bike’s market, so putting both your faith and your life in the right hand can save you tons of time and money.

I suggest the BM Travel Adventure Company based in Cau Giay District, Hanoi. I rented a Honda CRF250L from them for my first ride and was quite impressed with their service and bike quality. If you have your eyes on the two remaining models, luckily this company also makes them available for rental.

Have a thorough check of the bike

I’m pretty sure you’re likely to get into big trouble if ignoring this step. Before signing the rental contract, inspect the motorbike inside and out to ensure it performs appropriately. If something goes wrong, notify your renter on the spot!

Which Motorcycle Is Your Best Bet?

That’s the end of my sharing on the best enduro dirt bikes for a wonderful ride in Vietnam! No matter which bike you opt for, your comfort and safety should be the top priorities.

Couldn’t get over that dangerously high steep to boast with your friends? That doesn’t matter, guys! What remains, in the end, is what a fantastic and refreshing ride that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Let’s kick start an adventure of a lifetime with your best buddy – an enduro motorbike!

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