Vietnam E-visa in Kazakhstan – Қазақстанда вьетнамдық электронды виза

Since February 01st 2017, Decree No. 07/2017/ND-CP by Vietnam government has been enacted with the content about piloting electronic visa (E-visa) in 2 years for citizens of Kazakhstan citizens together with citizens of 39 other countries.

What is Vietnam E-visa?

E-visa (Electronic visa) is a legal visa issued and managed through the electronic transaction system of Vietnam Immigration Department- Ministry of Public Security. Instead of getting physical visa label in your passport like the traditional way, Kazakhstan citizens just need to print your e-visa.

With this enforcement, the procedure of getting a visa to visit Vietnam for citizens in the pilot list will be much more convenient.

How long is the E-visa valid?

Vietnam E-visa in Kazakhstan - Қазақстанда вьетнамдық электронды виза

According to the Decree No. 07/2017/ND-CP, E-visa is issued for Kazakhstan passport holders with the valuation for a single entry within 30 days since the date that applicant chooses as arrival date when requesting a visa. In other words, e-visa is recommended for those people who intend to visit Vietnam less than 30 days. In case, if foreign visitors has a plan of staying in Vietnam for longer than 30 days, you still should apply for a visa on arrival or visa at Embassy of Vietnam to obtain a suitable visa type for your journey. This is because the visa extension requirements for Kazakhstan citizen is complicated and expensive excluding the inconvenience of having your passport kept away from you several days.

Requirements for e-visa for Kazakhstan passport holders

In order to request an electronic visa, firstly, Kazakhstan citizens should make sure that your passport is valid for six months upward from your estimated arrival date.  In addition, the applicant also should prepare a passport-sized photo and your passport data page image to upload when submitting visa request.

How to apply for an E-visa for Kazakhstan passport holders?

You can simple access the website of Vietnam Immigration Department and follow some below steps:

Vietnam E-visa in Kazakhstan - Қазақстанда вьетнамдық электронды виза

  • Fill in the form No. 1 Vietnamese Electronic Visa Application Form and upload photo, passport data page image to complete the form.
  • Receive codes for electronic records and paying visa fee according to the regulation
  • Wait for visa issuing in 3 business days
  • Track visa processing by provided codes. Once your visa request is approved, the applicant can fill the form No. 2 promulgated pursuant to the Decree and print E-visa out.

For those visitors who would like to ask the help of Evietnamvisa to request  E-visa on your behalf, you can complete the form No.1 and send us together with your photo,  your passport image. Then pay visa service fee, so that we can offer further assistance to help you request visa.

How to get visa Vietnam if E-visa is not applicable?

Presently, E-visa is valid for only single entry visa within 30 days. For applications of visas for longer validity, Kazakhstan citizens should apply for a visa on arrival (airport visa). Besides Kazakhstan citizens, foreign visitors wishing to visit Vietnam for tourist or business purpose also can obtain visa Vietnam simply by applying online for visa on arrival with a few steps:

Vietnam E-visa in Kazakhstan - Қазақстанда вьетнамдық электронды виза

  • Submit visa application online at
  • Pay visa approval fee
  • Receive visa approval letter about 2 business days at maximum
  • Travel to Vietnam and get visa stamped upon arrival.

Comparison between Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam E-visa

Item Vietnam visa on arrival Vietnam E-visa
Where to pick up? Vietnam airport Online
Eligible subjects All air travelers Citizens of permitted 40 countries
Purpose of entry Tourist, business or visit friends/ relatives Tourist
Visa validity 1-month single/multiple entry

3-month single/multiple entries

6-month multiple entry

12-month multiple entry

1-month single entry
Visa fee Depending each visa type; refundable when visa request is rejected USD 25; nonrefundable if visa application is rejected
Visa issuing time 2 business days, or even few hours with various rush services 3 business days
Entry gates 4 international airports in Vietnam including Noi Bai, Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat and Cam Ranh airport 28 entry gates including 8 international airports, 13 international border gates, and 7 seaports across Vietnam promulgated pursuant to the Decree
Incurred waiting time Depending on the number of passenger waiting for at Vietnam airport to get visa It may take waiting time to let Vietnam Immigration staff check your E-visa

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