Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

Travelling to an international destination is always dreaming for most people, because exploring foreign countries can give you more experiences about new lands, new locals, new food and new views. Someone thinks that it is not cheap to go abroad but we want to say that, it is not always as expensive as it seems to be. If there’s proper planning and doing thorough research about your trip in order to fit your budget, it will be a decent foreign trip positively. This year, you can take Vietnam as one of your favorite holiday destinations, thanks to the simple movement in applying for Vietnam visa, friendly locals and cheap living. How much does Vietnam trip cost from India?

What is the weather like in Vietnam?

Vietnam has seasons and climate similar to Thailand. Because during off peak season do expect some rains, so you must carry a raincoat or an umbrella when going outside your accommodation. No need to cancel your plans because of rain, as it is not likely to rain non stop the whole day. Some tours may get cancelled in case of adverse weather-storm, high waves etc.

Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

What to visit in Vietnam?

Vietnam, one of the fascinating countries in Asia is bordered by China to the north, Cambodia to the southwest, Laos to the northwest and Thailand across the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

Vietnam has 63 provinces but there are 2 big cities that you should not miss out once visiting this country: Ho CHi Minh city and Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. The 2 cities are as famous and developing as Mumbai and New Delhi of India.

The Southeast Asian country is a Buddhist country so it is recognized for its rivers, beaches, thousands of Buddhist pagodas, cultural diversity and beautiful cities. The captivating Asian country is full of surprises and is the place for thousands of limestone islands. In spite of having so many incredible sites, the country is one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated tourist places.

Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

Halong Bay, Sapa Countryside, Nha Trang, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, My Son, Hue, Hoi An, Cu Chi Tunnels, Ba Be National Park and Mekong Delta are some places that every traveler must visit in Vietnam.

How much will you pay for the Vietnam trip cost from India?

The currency that Vietnamese citizens use is Vietnamese Dong (VND), but somewhere in this country, especially at big city and international hotels, you can use dollars instead. Until May 2nd, 2019, 1 INR = 335.36790 VND.

“My 1 week Vietnam trip cost me a total of little less than 45000 rupees, this includes flight, hotel, site seeing, visa, food, local travel and everything I spent on during the trip. This post explains my Vietnam trip expenses and helps you understand how you can plan your Vietnam trip in the extreme budget.” – SHRINIDHI HANDE, an Indian citizen just came back from Vietnam, said.

Although for each situation, it will take Indian citizens difference cost but we still want to show the overall fee you usually have to pay. How much does Vietnam trip cost from India?

Air Tickets

Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

The round trip flight tickets will cost between INR 18,000 and 22,000 if boarding from Kolkata (if booking before one month). You can book cheap flights to decrease your fee, but may be little more if you’re booking last minute or your city is not served well by low cost airlines, so try for a future date or retry after few months so that you can fly cheaper.


Vietnam offers full of budget staying options starting from as low as INR 500 per night per person. Decent and mid-range hotels are also other options for your stay. In a decent budget hotel, it will start from INR 1,700 per night.

If you are expecting for nights at cheap hotels, motels or homestays, you can find them on or Airbnb, it may takes you for about USD 8 to USD 10 a night, breakfast included. If you book a room in other operators (like MMT) you’ve to pay entire amount upfront + 5% GST extra and deal with complicated cancellation terms in case your plans change.

Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

Local Transport

You can take a taxi or bus to move in the city. From airport, you should take airport buses which cost 15 Rupees in a bus vs around 700-1000 INR equivalent (between 10-15 USD in meter taxi, more with hotel arranged/pre-booked taxis) in a cab for 7 to 10 km distance from Tan San Nhat airport to District 1).

The next best thing to walking is hiring a bike taxi. Grab is a popular app that locals usually use. You can use it to get a quick ride around. City buses can be used if available for your destination, else taxi as the last option.

Daily expenses

This is what various things cost in Vietnam. Breakfast is usually covered with hotel/hostel rent. You’ve to spend on other daily expenses such as meals, refreshments, local transport, entry fees etc

# Item Best price Inflated price at tourist places Remarks
1 Water, 500 ml INR 15.02 INR 21.03 – 45.06 Cheapest at supermarkets costs more at tourist spots
2 Tender coconut INR 60.08 – 75.10 INR 150.20 – 165.22
3 Indian Meals (veg) 400-700 INR
4 Coffee INR 45.06 – 60.08 INR 75.10 or more
5 Entry fee to various attractions INR 45.06 – 600.80

Below is a pie chart to help you visualize the cost breakup better and there’s a detailed table that follows:

Vietnam trip cost from India: How much will you pay?

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