Vietnam visa requirements for Pakistan citizens – پاکستان میں ویتنام ویزا۔

Is Vietnam visa required for Pakistani citizens?

“Yes, Pakistani citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam”

Visa is one of the many things for which Pakistani citizens need to prepare before traveling to Vietnam. Let’s discover  Vietnam visa requirements for Pakistan citizens in this article.

To enter Vietnam, the following entry requirements also should be met:

  • The Pakistani passport is valid for at least 06 months following the arrival date; and
  • The Pakistani passport has at least 02 blank pages.

How to Apply for Vietnam visa for Pakistani Citizens?

There are currently two ways to get a visa to Vietnam for citizens and passport holders of Pakistan, consisting of:

Get Embassy Visa

Pakistani passport holders can get a visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate in Pakistan or other countries where they are residing or traveling.

To get the visa in this way, Pakistan citizens need to submit:

  • Completed application form;
  • Original passport;
  • And sponsor letter from Vietnam-based company (for business visa);
  • And others as required by the embassy.

To get details for best preparation, please contact the embassy/consulate directly.

Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival (Recommended)

Vietnam visa requirements for Pakistan citizens - پاکستان میں ویتنام ویزا۔

The best way to get a visa for visitors from Pakistan (including Pakistani citizens and passport holders) who are traveling to Vietnam by air is to get Visa on Arrival (VOA) as it requires no travel or contact with the embassy for application.

With VOA, you will get a visa approval letter via email before departure for Vietnam, and finally get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport. The process to get the letter is completely done online with an internet-connected device.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Citizens of Pakistan

In Vietnam visa requirements for Pakistan citizens, you need to pay for visa fee. How much is a Vietnam visa for Pakistan citizens?

For embassy visa, the fee is paid once, but it is not published by the embassy. So you should contact the embassy for details.

For visa on arrival, Pakistani nationals need to pay two types of fees to get a full visa at the airport, consisting of:

  • Service fee (also known as visa approval letter fee) to be paid online to us for processing the visa approval letter. It may vary from case by case, so please call us at +84 968 18 77 18 for how much you need to pay for the visa.
  • Stamping fee to be paid in cash at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped. It is US $25 for a single entry visa, US $50 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months.

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