Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan – Вьетнамская виза в Кыргызстан

Kyrgyzstan Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam. As the Vietnam immigration policy, the Kyrgyzstani passport holders traveling Vietnam for tourism purposes can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days with visa free. What are Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan?

How can Kyrgyzstan citizens apply for Vietnam visa?

Vietnam Embassy in Kyrgyzstan – вьетнамское посольство в Кыргызстане

As the Vietnam visa exempted country, the Kyrgyzstani citizens can enter Vietnam by any port of arrival including airports (for air entry), border gates on land (for traveling by bus or train) or sea port (for traveling by cruise, ship).

 Kyrgyzstani passport holders don’t need Vietnam visa for 30 days;
 Kyrgyzstani citizens are NOT eligible for e-visa;
 Kyrgyzstani citizens can get visa on arrival from 18 USD + stamping fee;
 Kyrgyzstani businessmen can apply for DN business visa for working with Vietnam Enterprises;
 Kyrgyzstani businessmen can apply for 2 years Temporary Residence Cards;

There’re 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : Apply visa at embassy & Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan - Вьетнамская виза в Кыргызстан

– Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Kyrgyzstan & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Kyrgyzstan if you want to go : Pakistan, Iran & India

– Best way for Kyrgyzstan Citizens to get visa Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival.

Does a Kyrgyzstan citizen need a visa for entering Vietnam?

A Kyrgyzstan national does need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam. Kyrgyzstan does not have a Vietnam embassy present. So its citizens have been provided with two ways in which they can get a visa: 1/ by applying online for getting visa on arrival OR 2/ by visiting an embassy that is nearest to a neighboring country to get visa beforehand.

Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan

Option 1 : Get visa beforehand at embassy of Vietnam

Applying through the embassy requires them to make a personal appearance with the following document: an original Kyrgyzstan passport, two passport photos, and USD cash for visa processing fee to consular officer. You will then be provided the visa form that you are supposed to fill in with all their details and submit together with their documents and money for visa process to start. The payments of visa process usually vary from embassy to embassy so they will pay as instructed by immigration officers.

This procedure takes five working days to get your visa.

Option 2: Apply Vietnam visa on arrival 

Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan - Вьетнамская виза в Кыргызстан

An online application is considered the simplest and fastest way a Kyrgyzstan citizen can get a Vietnam visa. For Kyrgyzstan nationals to make an application, you will be required to visit website to fill in the online form provided and make payments in USD for service fees. The approval letter shall then be sent to you email address within 1-2 working days & you should print it out for boarding & show to get visa on arrival.

At the airport in Vietnam, there is visa on arrival or landing visa office – place to grant visa, you will be required to present to an immigration officer their original passport, 2 passport photos, an approval letter and some USD cash for stamping fees for them to get visa at the airport.

The advantage of applying online is that Kyrgyzstan nationals can apply for a visa anywhere in the world, and it is fast, effective and simple.

You are advised to check the validity of the passport they intend to use for travel, it should be six months valid from the date of travel and have a few blank pages for visa pasting.

For individuals who have pressing matters to attend to in Vietnam, an urgent visa can be obtained online it takes one working day or less to get it.

Useful notes:

– If having trouble in receiving an approval letter in the email, let us know by visiting our website and emailing us at for quick response.

– Want a visa now? Visit our website or any embassy that is nearest to you and start the application process. Do not miss the chance of experiencing the adventure and fun you can have in Vietnam.

– Please feel free in consulting and communicating with our officers on how a visa can be obtained from the Vietnam Immigration Department. We are glad to be of service to you.

Apply for Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam visa requirements in Kyrgyzstan - Вьетнамская виза в Кыргызстан

From 1 February 2017, the citizens from some countries are eligible to apply for the 30 days (single entry) e-visas for Vietnam. As Kyrgyzstan is not in the list, Vietnam e-visa is NOT available for Kyrgyzstani passport holders at present.

Applying for Vietnam visa is never easier than ever! With the support of internet and high technology applications, getting a visa for Vietnam is becoming more and more simple. The customers now have different options to apply for Vietnam visa at their most convenience. Each option has its own pros and cons and below is the comparison between 2 popular options:

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