What does weather in Vietnam in December look like? Is it suitable to travel?

It is the end of the year when December comes. Most foreigners are free this time, they want to spend their holiday relaxing after a whole hardworking year. Vietnam is one of famous destination chosen by foreigners. However, what does the weather in Vietnam in December look like? Is it suitable for you to travel?



What does the weather in Vietnam in December look like?

Vietnam is an amazing country located in South East Asia, it it becoming very popular as visitors explore its wonderful beaches, cities and pretty landscapes. December is the most beautiful time to visit Vietnam with milder climate and pleasant in every region of the country. We will tell you more information about weather in Vietnam in December and some of ideal destinations recommended this month.

December overview

It continues to be good news for much Vietnam with optimum conditions in both the north and south, as well as an improving situation in central regions as the rains start to decrease.

Again, the pick of the beaches remain Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne, and towards the end of the month Nha Trang becomes a good option. In the mountains and highlands good conditions continue although temperatures are low, especially at night.

Geographical influences

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

The biggest influence over weather in Vietnam in December are the south west monsoons. These tropical rains come across the Indian Ocean and bring warm and cloudy air to Vietnam. There’s more wet weather in the north, including the city of Hanoi, but Ho Chi Minh in the south gets just 65mm this month, which is quite dry for Vietnam.

Average temperature

The average daytime temperature in Vietnam in December is 26°C but it may higher or lower depending on regions. In the South of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh could reach temperatures over 30°C on hotter days, with evening temperatures dropping back to around 20°C. The humidity level will be very high, at an average of 85%, so it’s wise to carry a bottle of water if you’re walking around the beaches or towns.

The sunshine in December could last for as long as 11 hours each day, with the sun not setting until 5.30pm along Vietnam’s glorious south coast. The wind speed will be light to moderate at an average of 9mph, but you can cool off in the South China Sea which will be around 28°C at this time.

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

As the weather in Vietnam in December can change from sunny to rainy in a day, we advise you to take a showerproof jacket or umbrella in case you’re caught in a shower, but make sure you also bring sunblock, sunglasses and warm weather clothes!

December’s weather in detail

  • North Vietnam with many provinces such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, Ninh Binh and Mai Chau reach 19°C in average temperature, little rain expected. In the far northern mountains, the conditions remain excellent with dry, clear days however it can be cold, especially in the evenings, so suitable clothing is recommended.
  • Central Vietnam: weather in Vietnam in December starts to improve in central regions with a significant drop in rainfall, stormy weather is still a possibility especially early in December. More rainfall is expected in Hue than in Hoi An whilst throughout the region temperatures are close to their lowest for the year, although still far from chilly with the average temperature of 24°C. Towards the south, Nha Trang, Danang, Quy Nhon will be seeing rainfall, although this steadily declines through the month. In Dalat and Central Highlands conditions remain excellent with dry, clear days however it can be cold, especially in the evenings.

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

  • South Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne, Mekong Delta, Ho Tram & Long Hai, Con Dao and Phu Quoc has the best conditions of the year: blue skies and little, if any, rain can be expected across the region. Weather in Vietnam in December is suitable for going to beaches within easy reach of Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet & Mui Ne, Ho Tram & Long Hai, as they are basking in sunshine. The southern islands of Phu Quoc and Con Dao are also enjoying sunny days and warm weather, whilst Ho Chi Minh City remains a little cooler with low humidity with the average temperature of 26°C.

Best places to visit with good weather in Vietnam in December

Moc Chau plateau

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

Despite the cold winter, Moc Chau which is located about 200 km west of Hanoi, maintains its stunning beauty with a wide variety of flowers and down in the valleys. This is one of Vietnam’s most attractive places as visitors can see vast forests of blossoming plum trees when coming here in the weeks before Tet holiday, visit tea farms and learn how to pick tea leaves, dry them and then brew a cup. You can also sample local specialties like fried beef, fish and fresh milk. Thanks to such attractions, Moc Chau is the number one choice of travelers at this time of the year.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

To most travelers visiting the north-western border provinces, Ban Gioc Waterfall is a “must see” tourist site with suitable weather in Vietnam in December. This is the fourth largest border waterfall after Iguazu between Brazil and Argentina, Victoria between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Niagara between Canada and the US, according to Touropia travel site about the 10 most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

December comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers and buckwheat flowers stretching along the sides. Ban Gioc waterfalls are difficult to reach, however worth the trip because of its absolutely stunning scenery.

Mui Ne

What does weather in Vietnam in December look like?

Mui Ne is relatively different to the other places in Vietnam as it is located in South East part – the driest region of this country. The weather in Mui Ne is dry all year, even in the rainy season, there seems to be very little rain in comparison to nearby places, like Nha Trang, Hoi An.

Located in Phan Thiet – the capital of Binh Thuan Province, Mui Ne is a beautiful beach with many high-ranked coastal resorts, which can easily satisfy any traveler. Mui Ne attracts not only international but also domestic traveler with its gorgeous beach with yellow sand, blue water and clear sky and many interesting activities. Besides that, Mui Ne is also famous for

Let’s spend your holiday to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam from December to April, you will have a great time lying on the beach under the palm trees or take part in funny activities as kite and windsurfing, that will definitely be a memorable experience.

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