Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam in 8 days

This 8-day motorcycle trip from Hanoi to Hoi An in Central Vietnam is the perfect route combination to discover the landscape and magnificent central part of Vietnam. You can stop at many unique locations such as Phu Yen, Mai Chau, Hue and Hoi An, the old town of Hue.

Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam in 8 days

Taking part in the Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam in 8 days will enable you to discover the mountainous areas, and natural forestry landscape as well explore pristine beaches. For a more meaningful and complete trip, there is no reason to not take the chance and go for the trip now!

Day 1: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Hanoi – Phu Yen

Magnificent Motorcycle Tours from Hanoi to Hoi An during 8 days

At 9 am when the crazy traffic hour in Hanoi passes, our Vietnam trekking tours towards Central region begins. You will be able to move on the country highways, to observe the green rice fields and serene towns after moving out of Hanoi.

The landscape shifts with elevated hills and thick primordial woods as our Hanoi Motorbike Tour team enters the southern mountainous provinces. In the small town of Phu Yen, Son La, we spend a night at the homestay.


Distance:  160 km                                                                                                      

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: homestay

Day 2: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour:  Phu Yen – Mai Chau

Enjoyable motorbike trekking tours from Phu Yen to Mai Chau

During this 8-day Hanoi to Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam we also pass some areas of North West Motorcycle Tours when getting on the route to Mai Chau.  This is an exciting day with a journey to Mai Chau through lands of tea and orange gardens. In particular, if be on this trip, it is sure to visit the Moc Chau tea plateau. The cool and fresh air here will ease your mind. We will travel to Mai Chau after passing the old road constructed during the French rule. It is Hua Tat.

We’re going to choose a Thai homestay to stay overnight. These stilt houses of Thai people are primarily situated in Lac and Poom Coong villages along  the local waterways and streams. It has its own features here. Typically, these buildings are 2 meters tall. Bamboo or rattan usually make the floors and open windows. It is very tidy and refreshing the entire home. In this Thai People’s House you can also try many delightful meals.


Distance:  150 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: homestay

Day 3: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Mai Chau – Tan Ky

Interesting Mai Chau to Tan Ky trip of Central Motorbike Tours

We will proceed our journey of North Loop Trail Vietnam Motorcycle Tour after breakfast, and Tan Ky is our next target. We’re going to move around 200 kilometers from Mai Chau to Tan Ky, which crosses Ma River and Cam Thuy Town. You will have interesting Mai Chau to Tan Ky Motorbike Trip.

The perfect time to discover Tan Ky and its huge mountains is in summer. You will be moved by the beauty of nature here especially natural waterfalls. Here is the area of Thai Minh village. With its distinctive customs, this region is also home to Thai people.

We are going to spend a half day at Tan Ky in the tiny home of the Thai people at the foot of the mountain. You will be incredibly comfortable when submerged in the distinctive architecture. You can even have chances to learn textiles,  create dresses, cushions, and pockets of colourful brocading from the friendly local women. Typical Thai dishes such as grilled fish, wine, soup, bamboo rice are also available. Moreover, the local dance will please you later in the afternoon. Surely we rest overnight here.


Distance:  290 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel

Central Vietnam Motorbike Tours Detail
Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Tan Ky – Phong Nha  

Day 4: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Tan Ky – Phong Nha  

World’s largest cave exploration with Central Motorbike Tours team

The North West Motorcycle Tours to Phong Nha–Ke Bang is the 4th day of 8-day Hanoi to Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam after dinner. Phong Nha-Ke Bang is new and refreshing, with an estimate of 20 to 24 C degrees throughout the year. It is regarded as one of the world’s two limestone mountains. The area covers more than 200,000 hectares which has 85.754 hectares of key region and 195.400 hectares of buffer zone. Up to more than 300 caves and underground system of rivers has become the feature of this national park.The extent to which visitors and researchers will be inspired by this are hundreds of rare and important animal species and plants including many listed plant species in Vietnam and the World Red Book. You are also surprised by the route of trekking tour to this location.

Phong Nha has been researched to have length of almost 8 km. Most are caves and underground water flows that no underground river in the world can be longer than the one in this Vietnam national park.

To follow the Son River into the Phong Nha Cave, tourists have to take a motorboat trip. Son river is approximately from 35 to 40 meters broad. It has a green and so clean surface that you can see fish under the water. The Son River bank scenery is like the daily working lives of the town along the river.

It is definitely a good opportunity for you to visit this national park in Quang Binh by following the Northwest Loop Trail to Hoi An Motorbike Tours for 8 days. You are going to attend Nhat Le Beach cafes to enjoy some tasty seafood here. This night we stay at a local hotel.


Distance:  280 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: hotel

Day 5: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Phong Nha – Khe Sanh

Journey of Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours via historic route

Today, our Hoi An Motorcycle Tour team is going to move to the west from the foothills that Agent Orange used to spray strongly. The trail we chose is the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail. There are many proofs of the war battles remained on the mountain side along the trail that you can clearly see.

We are going to join the Vinh Moc Tunnel, the well-known Hien Luong Bridge (formerly recognized as Khe Sanh, the ancient point of contention between North and South Vietnam). It’s in the province of Quang Tri. It is going to be a great Vinh Moc Tunnels Motorcycle Trip.

Khe Sanh overnight.


Distance:  220 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: hotel

Day 6: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Khe Sanh – Vinh Moc – Hue

Hue Motorbike Trip the highlight of Central Vietnam Loop Trail

Hue is the next stop on the 6th day of the 8-day off-road Central Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Hoi An. We’ll go through a range of historic places before heading to Hue, such as 17th Street, which has been regarded as a frontier formed by American army during the Vietnam war. You will then check historic locations such as Hien Luong Bridge, the Vinh Moc Tunnel and Ben Hai River.

Then our Central Motorbike Tour team is going to ride on National Highway 1A to Hue. At 5 pm to 5:30 pm, we come in Hue, take care of our ride, as this is the peak hour. We will arrive at a hotel to have a night sleep and plan for a wonderful tomorrow journey.


Distance:  180 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: hotel

Day 7: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Hue Sightseeing

Free riding day of Hue sightseeing

No riding today is an easy day to move and discover the nature of Hue during the Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours To Hue. There are plenty of places to visit in Hue. The first location is Hue Citadel, house of 13 Nguyen kings, including the Imperial Citadel, the Forbidden City, imperial arts and imperial parks.

If you spend a lot of time in Hue, you can have a motorbike and run around this dreamy city. You can visit Thien Mu pagoda, and Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda with brilliant orchid garden, short purple meditation garden or friendly architecture. Tea and coffee are always available for visitors when coming there.

In the evening, you can experience the feeling of sitting on a cyclo going around the city, listening to the cyclo driver introducing the roads that specialize in trading items such as food, clothing, and so on.

Food in Hue is also very diverse. If you want to find good eateries, you can ask the people here or ask our tour guide motorbike. Typical dishes that can be mentioned here are mussel rice, grilled meat rolls, bun bo Hue and many other delicious ones. After exploring Hue all day, we returned to our hotel and get ready for the following day of Hanoi to Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam in 8 days.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: hotel

Day 8: Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Hue – Hoi An

End of Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour with Hoi An arrival

Our today’s destination is Hoi An, an ancient town with classic beauty just like Hue citadel. Our Hoi An Motorbike Tour crew is going to follow the coastal road through challenging Hai Van pass. Standing at the peak of the pass and looking down to have the overall view of Lang Co beach and the whole ocean will make you overwhelmed. Before we reach Hoi An, our team will stop by at Marble Mountain. This is a group of rocky mountains (including marble) adjacent to the sea and rivers. Each mountain represents elements of the universe according to ancient Vietnamese theory. It  is fanciful, and poetic space with pagodas, caves, trees, and  pagoda bells. Some people even call it as a paradise of heaven. It also looks like 5 fingers because from above, looking down, there are mountains like 5 fingers pressing down on the ground.

The expected arrival of our Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Hoi An will be at 3pm. Therefore, you can have more time to take a rest. At about 5pm we will leave our hotel to be in time for the scene of lighting up lanterns in Hoi An.  Colorful lanterns illuminate the entire old town. Hoi An looks brighter and more sparkling than usual in the bright colors emanating from the lanterns from all the beautiful small streets. If you have fallen in love with Hoi An at night and want to live the rare and wonderful moments here, you definitely have to drop the flower lantern lights on the poetic Hoai River. Watching groups of glittering light or separating flower lanterns floating on the water causes people to be immersed and fluttered. Surely having a Hoi An Motorcycle Tour when coming to Central Vietnam is worthy.


Distance:  170 km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Accommodation: hotel

It is hoped that Hanoi to Hanoi Motorbike Tours towards Central Vietnam in 8 days can leave you with the most wonderful experiences in Vietnam. For more details and suggestions, you can have a look on our website.

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